International Ships & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code

Against a background of potential threat to maritime shipping and ports, IMO’s Diplomatic conference on Maritime Security in December 2002 adopted new regulations to enhance maritime security through amendments to SOLAS Chapter XI. Chapter XI has been split into two chapters, where Chapter XI-1, «Special measures to enhance maritime safety» has been expanded to include additional requirements to Ship Identification Numbers and the carriage of a Continuous Synopsis Record. Chapter XI-2, «Special measures to enhance maritime security», addresses the mandatory requirements such as the provision of Ship Alert System and refers to the ISPS Code.

Maritime Lloyd Ltd. is fully recognized as a Recognized Security Organization (RSO) from Flag Administrations.

Maritime Lloyd Ltd. as an RSO is authorized to:

  • Approve Ship Security Plans
  • Perform Security audits of ships
  • Issue the International Ship Security Certificates (ISSC).

Specially qualified personnel is ready to provide all necessary information instruction or suggestions upon a relevant request with high quality standards and with the constant main objective for safer ships and cleaner sears.