Safety Management Certification

The development by IMO of the International safety management code (ISM) for the safety of human life at sea and the protection of Marine environment has led Maritime Lloyd Ltd. to undertake services for certification of companies and their ships according to the above mentioned code.

Every Ship Managing Company, as well its ships, are subject to verification and control by the Flag Administration or by Organizations authorized by it, for the proper functioning of the Safety Management System and its conformity with the provisions of the ISM Code.

Maritime Lloyd Ltd. is fully recognized/authorized by Flag Administrations to certify against the ISM Code Managing Companies as well as their ships, on their behalf.

Maritime Lloyd Ltd. has established a worldwide professional capability to assist shipowners to ISM Code certification. Specially qualified personnel is ready to provide all necessary information instruction or suggestions upon a relevant request, with high quality standards and with the constant main objective for safer ships and cleaner sears.