Check list for authorized surveyors

  Maritime Lloyd

Title: Recruitment
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Applicable to : all of Maritime Lloyd
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IMO REF :A. 789 (19)
A. 847 (20)
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  Check list for authorized surveyors’ qualification:

No. Surveyors, Engineers and Auditors qualification Yes No
1. Minimum qualification    
  Qualification from institution with a relevant field of engineering or physical science (minimum 5 years program)/or
  Qualification from marine or nautical institution and relevant sea-going experience as certified officer
  Proficiency in English language commensurate with the work
2. Additional qualification requirements for Statutory/Class Surveyors
40 hours self administrated theoretical training of Statutory requirements and Classification Rules
Practical training which consists of survey and issuance appropriate Certificates/Reports of 2 statutory surveys for each type of certificates for Maritime Lloyd ,other classification society or Recognized organization
3. Additional qualification requirements for Engineers
40 hours self administered theoretical training of Statutory  requirements and Classification Rules
Practical training, which consists of approval Statutory/Class documentation for 2 ships
4. Additional qualification requirements for ISM/ISPS Auditors
ISM / ISPS Auditor/Lead Auditor course.
A minimum of two years experience is required in one or more of the following activities:-full time experience as Master, Ch. Engineer, First Mate, Second Engineer, Superintendent, or Manager, Marine Surveyor and Auditor

– related experience in Quality Assurance, Marine Safety or Environmental Management

– experience in auditing to the ISM Code

– experience in auditing to the ISPS Code


  • copies of all supporting Certificate, Diplomas to be attached.

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