Established in 2005 , «Maritime Lloyd Ltd» is an independent Classification Society working with the objectives of safety of life, property and the environment. Maritime Lloyd Ltd. provides classification, certification, verification and advisory services.

In order to provide the required services to our clients, the society has established a network of surveyors. The staff consists mainly of highly qualified naval architects, marine engineers, master marines and other engineers and technical personnel with appropriate qualification. We believe in the potential of people and in systematic training and education of our stuff members.

As a non-governmental organization, «Maritime Lloyd Ltd» acts with impartiality and independence as a self-regulating agency to the international maritime industry, with the mission of serving the public interest as well as the needs of our clients by promoting the safety of life, property, and the natural environment primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities.

«Maritime Lloyd Ltd.» establishes and administers Rules and Regulations for the Classification of ships, and other floating units covering their design, construction, and other operational maintenance for the purpose of determining the structural and mechanical fitness for their intended purpose.

In pursuing its aim of becoming a leading independent, international Classification Society whose name will evoke an image of safety, quality and concern for the environment, «Maritime Lloyd Ltd» is concentrating on key areas of customer satisfaction such as focus on our customers’ needs, expectations and opinions, understanding their business and treat them as important partners, share our experience with our customers while maintaining customer confidentially, and involve them in developing our services.

We maintain a management system satisfying applicable international and national standards for the performance of surveys and the issue of Classification and Statutory Certificates («Maritime Lloyd Ltd» is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company, with certification from ISOQAR/Hellas).

We comply with laws and regulations in all our operations.

Number of vessels under ML class: 166

ML is approved by the following State Maritime Administrations: Georgia, Moldova, Sierra Leone, Bolivia, Tanzania, Republic Of Palau (case by case)

ML’s authorized surveyors around the world: 20 persons (in Turkey, Russia, Philippines, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Honduras, Romania, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Nitherlands, Ukraine)