Statutory Services


Statutory services are undertaken:

  • when Maritime Lloyd Ltd. has been authorized to issue relevant statutory certificates on behalf of the ships flag Administration and the relevant drawings are not already approved by or on behalf of the aforementioned Administration; or
  • when, irrespective of the relevant existing approval, re-examination of the plans is required (e.g. due to modifications of the already approved installation, when new regulations imposes retroactive requirements to existing installations etc.); or
  • whenever ML is specially authorized or instructed by flag Administrations to proceed accordingly.

In addition to the plan appraisal as referred in the relevant section (PLAN APPRAISAL — ENGINEERING) statutory services offered by ML include also:

1. Ships Tonnage Measurement, in accordance with ITC69
2. Grain Loading Manual’s approval, in accordance with the International Code for the safe carriage of Grain in Bulk
3. Load line computation according to L.L. Convention 1966
4. Approval of Safe loading and unloading manual according IMO Code
5. Intact Stability manual approval, according to IMO Res A749 (18) Code
6. Life saving appliances appraisal, applying LSA Code
7. Inclining test assessment according to IMO Res A749 (18) code.
8. Appraisal of the suitability of ships to carry dangerous goods applying IMDG
9. Appraisal of the suitability of ships to carry solid bulk cargoes implementing IMSBC Code
10. Approval of drawings/Documents related to GMDSS installation
11. Safety of Fishing Vessels
12. Issuance of list of Operational Limitations (L.O.L.)

13. S.O.P.E.P., G.M.P., S.E.E.M.P according to MARPOL Convention