Plan Appraisal-Engineering

It includes services concerning the examination and review of drawings of ships, floating docks, floating platforms and other marine structures and plan approval and calculations pertaining to:

1. Hull structure
2. Longitudinal strength
3. Transverse and local strength
4. Structural stresses
5. Fatigue and buckling analyses
6. Cargo gear equipment
7. Strength of metallic structures
8. Finite element analyses
9. Loading manuals
10. Cargo securing manual
11. Damage stability
12. Propeller strength
13. Shafting systems
14. Propulsion systems
15. Piping systems
16. Steering systems
17. Electrical systems
18. Automation systems
19. Fire protection
20. Windlasses and winches
21. Refrigeration
22. Protection of marine environment
23. Torsional vibration
24. Certification of marine equipment
Examination and approval of the above is carried out with respect to the pertinent requirements of ML Rules, SOLAS, MARPOL, and any other relevant international convention, code, standard or national legislation.