Classification Certification For Ships In Service

The Maritime Lloyd Ltd. provides to the Ship Owners the versatile scope of services.

Maritime Lloyd Ltd applies high standards of quality and fast services for all types of ships, certificated as per Maritime Lloyd Ltd. Rules and Regulations, which are continuously updated in compliance with the latest requirements of the International Maritime Organization.

Maritime Lloyd Ltd. Surveyors being well knowledge and experienced for below mentioned types of surveys for the ships classed:

1. Hull and Machinery Survey (Special, Annual, Intermediate).

2. Supervising of Dry-Docking.

3. Tailshaft, Propeller Shaft Surveys.

4. Boilers.

5. Refrigerating Installations.

6. Special Condition Surveys (Occasional Surveys due to damage).

Maritime Lloyd’s Ltd. high standards of offered services ensure the compliance of the vessels to the applicable requirements.